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Use our app to discover your real age based on scientific factors like what you eat and how you sleep. Track healthy habits as you achieve goals. Get tailored tips backed by research, yummy and nutritious recipes, and mindset-changing meditation videos. Safely store all your health details in one place.

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When your employer taps into Sharecare, you gain even more control. Say goodbye to tedious documents and hello to a hassle-free benefits hub. Boost your motivation with fun challenges. And even earn access to perks like a spa day. Learn more.

easily with the right care.

With the app, you can find doctors and other care providers in your community. And you can join clinically researched programs proven to work even for the toughest health challenges like weight loss, diabetes, smoking, and stress. Learn more.

in home care

Through our network of over 450,000 tech-enabled caregivers, CareLinx by Sharecare delivers intermittent on-demand personal care services in people’s homes, while leveraging mobile technology to facilitate rich data capture, population health analytics, and the enabling of real-time care coordination with remote clinical teams. Learn more.

woven into our DNA

Giving people the power to collect, own and train their own health data to generate models to help themselves and their communities in real-time using their phones all the while treating privacy as a first-class citizen.

Health Security.

When a health threat interrupts the operation of your company, you risk serious losses to your finances, employee morale, and public reputation. We designed our health security solution to reduce disruption and downtime—and to give you peace of mind. That’s health security. Learn more.

It’s our privilege to be the only Arizona-based plan offering Sharecare’s personalized health platform and to embark on this journey to make Arizona one of the healthiest states in the country.

Pam Kehaly, President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Working with Sharecare affords us the additional opportunity to invest proudly in a Georgia-based business and play an even bigger role in helping improve the overall health and well-being of everyone.

Nadeem G. Khan, President, Aflac Corporate Ventures 

 I’m inspired by what it means for Blue Cross to be the only Minnesota-based plan offering Sharecare’s personalized health platform. Optimal health should be within reach of everyone.  

Dr. Craig Samitt, CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Partnerships like the Sharecare Movement are instrumental to achieving a healthier Georgia, and I commend Sharecare for helping us all realize what’s truly possible when we collaborate to make health resources more approachable and accessible.

Frank W. Berry, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Health

By collaborating with Sharecare on the Community Well-Being Index, we are bringing together state-of-the-science thinking about how health is produced with an innovative digital platform that can help advance health across the life course of individuals, communities and large populations.

Dr. Sandro Galea, Dean, Boston University’s School of Public Health

Adventist Health believes that the future of healthcare goes beyond the role of traditional hospitals. Sustained well-being improvement across an entire community requires having an environment and social policies that encourage healthy behaviors.

Scott Reiner, CEO, Adventist Health


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